Our Fixed Income/Balanced Strategies


J.W. Burns & Company's philosophy of quality securities carries through to our fixed income and balanced investment portfolios. We are active fixed income managers. Our approach emphasizes individual security selection in high-quality intermediate (2–10 years) maturity bonds to achieve the best combination of safety and income as well as potential capital appreciation.


Our fixed income securities include:


  • High-quality corporate bonds
  • Preferred stocks
  • Municipal Bonds – general obligations, municipalities, authorities and other subdivisions of New York State
  • Certain top performing fixed income exchange traded funds, index funds, and actively managed fixed income funds with proven results


At J.W. Burns & Company, we recognize that some investors are more risk adverse than others. We work together with our clients to achieve the appropriate asset allocation among stocks, bonds, and cash. The investment process becomes a joint effort with our clients in trying to reach their financial goals.

"As a portfolio manager, I am always looking for value...that is my job. And I love it."


Ed Grassi

Vice President and Portfolio Manager

J.W. Burns & Company