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Fee-Only Financial Advising

Comprehensive Personalized Investment Strategy

At J.W. Burns & Company, our commitment as fee-only financial advisors in Syracuse, NY, is to deliver a financial strategy tailored just for you. Grounded in the heart of Central New York, our guiding ethos is to invest in exemplary businesses led by unparalleled management, and at value-driven prices.

Your journey will begin with our discovery phase — a process backed by research, free from the noise of Wall Street. Let our team, including a dedicated CFP Professional, craft a portfolio that resonates with your vision. Ready for a strategy designed just for you? Let's get started.

Fee-Only Financial Advice

In the intricate world of financial planning and investment, the distinction between "fee-only" and other types of financial advisory services holds significance. But what does "fee-only" truly signify? At J.W. Burns & Company, our role as fee-only financial advisors means our commitment is solely to you, absent of any hidden motives or third-party incentives. This commitment denotes our unwavering stance against hidden charges, commissions, or backdoor incentives that could sway the quality and integrity of our counsel.

Partner With Integrity

Navigating the complexities of financial planning and wealth management requires a partnership built on trust and clarity. As one of the preeminent fee-only financial advisors in Syracuse, NY, J.W. Burns & Company stands out for its unwavering commitment to transparency and client-first approach. Unlike many in the financial sector, we take pride in abstaining from endorsing any financial or insurance products. This stance not only ensures a conflict-free advisory experience but also underscores our dedication to providing unbiased, pure financial advice.

Being bound by our fiduciary responsibility means we prioritize your financial well-being above everything else. And with our extensive collaborations with some of Syracuse's finest estate planning attorneys and renowned accountants, you can be confident that all your financial concerns and queries will be thoroughly addressed, all under one umbrella.

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In an ever-changing financial landscape, J.W. Burns & Company offers a steadfast commitment to putting your interests at the forefront. Our focus is on genuine guidance and partnership. We welcome you to discover the unique value we bring to our clients.

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