J.W. Burns & Company is an independent investment counseling firm based in Syracuse, New York. The principle behind our investment success is simple - invest in great businesses for long term wealth creation. Specifically, we seek to invest in stocks that adhere to J.W. Burns & Company's "Triangle of Value" - that is, companies with market dominate products, a high return on equity, and a commitment to growing their international earnings. The J. W. Burns & Company "Triangle of Value" has been the key to our long term investment success.

As a firm, we do all our own research, filtering out the conflicting rhetoric and noise from the Wall Street "experts". We avoid market timing and tend to have low turnover - hence, the cost to our clients' portfolios is low and tax efficiency is high. While many firms and individuals talk about long term investing, at J.W. Burns & Company, both our performance and track record of sticking with quality businesses demonstrate that we have a time-tested investment philosophy.

Why J.W. Burns & Company?

In short, J.W. Burns & Company is a unique investment counseling firm marching to the beat of our own drummer. Our commitment, as a firm, is to build our clients' wealth. We have created this website as a service to our existing clients and to introduce potential clients to our firm. If you like what you read here, feel free to contact us directly with questions or comments.


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