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This composite presentation of J.W. Burns & Company conforms to the Standards set by the Association for Investment Management and Research Performance Presentation Standards. AIMR-PPS has not been involved with the preparation or review of this report. In addition to the information presented herein, such Standards include:


  1. All cash reserves and equivalents used by the manager in place of equities are included in composite presentations.
  2. The composite calculations have been appropriately weighted for the size of each account.
  3. Results are presented gross of management fees and after brokerage and custodial expenses.
  4. No alterations of composites as presented here have occurred due to changes in personnel or other reasons at any time.
  5. Composite results have been properly calculated using linked, time weighted, quarterly returns for the years 1985-1990. For the years 1991 going forward, linked time weighted, monthly return results are presented.
  6. Total returns are presented, including realized and unrealized gains and losses plus income and accrued income.
  7. Composites presented as gross of fees have actual fees added back to internally billed clients. These fees have been added as of the date of billing and the performance recalculated for the years 1985-1990. For the years 1991 going forward, gross of fees are calculated based on the actual exclusion of internally and externally billed fees.
  8. Weighted average of market value is based on beginning period market value.
  9. Accounts included in composites include past and present clients that were under management for the full year for the years 1985-1990. For the years 1991 going forward, accounts are included in the composites at the start of the next performance measurement period. Accounts are excluded from the composite after the last full period they were in place.
  10. Accounts were not revalued for additions or withdrawals over 10% of the beginning period market value due to lack of daily market values.
  11. Accounts with beginning period market values under $100,000 have been excluded from all composites. Implementation of standard strategy is not possible for smaller accounts.
  12. No leveraged accounts exist in composites.
  13. Performance results are calculated on a cash basis for the years 1985-1990. Accrual basis results are presented for 1991 going forward.
  14. Each composite includes all accounts managed that meet criteria for inclusion in the composite for each period submitted.
  15. This presentation does not represent the firm’s full history due to the difficulty of gathering and assuring accuracy of the information. Total returns for 1985-1987 are calculated using representative accounts.
  16. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The return and value of an account will fluctuate at any point in time and could be worth more or less than the amount invested.


Representative Institutional Clients


Any client classified as an institutional client has been presented based upon certain criteria that include:


    1. Disclosure as public record
    2. The type of entity and account object
    3. Readily recognizable name.
  1. The advisor does not use data based on performance to determine which clients are used for a list of institutional clients.
  2. It is not known whether the list of clients approve or disapprove of the advisor or the advisory service.


Management Fees


Performance figures that are “net” of fees take into account advisory fees and brokerage fees or commissions that have not been deducted from the account. Performance figures that are “gross” of fees do not take into account the advisory fee, but do take into account transaction costs and custodial fees. Advisory fees are generally 1% of assets under management for the first $5 million under management, .75% for the next $5 million, and .50% above $10 million. To illustrate the compounding effect of a 1% annual management fee on a J.W. Burns & Company portfolio, of an initial $1 for a 5-year period, the portfolio would have grown to $1.53 before fees and $1.47 after fees.

"We bring over 140 years of senior level investment experience to the table. We have a proven track record of delivering above average returns with below average risk."


James C. Burns, CFA

President and

Chief Investment Officer