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About Us

J.W. Burns & Company is an independent, SEC-registered, fee-only investment counseling firm located in Dewitt, New York. The principle behind our investment success is simple – invest in great businesses, with great managements, selling at attractive prices. As a firm, we do all our own in-depth research and analysis, filtering out the conflicting rhetoric and noise from the Wall Street “experts.” We avoid market timing and tend to have low turnover – hence, the cost to our clients’ portfolios is low and our portfolio construction is refined and precise. We sell no investments or insurance products, receive no commissions, and have no conflicts of interest. While many firms and individuals talk about long-term investing, at J.W. Burns & Company, both our performance and track record of sticking with quality stocks demonstrates that we have a time-tested investment philosophy.

J.W. Burns & Company operates as a fiduciary for our clients. Unlike others, J.W. Burns & Company is always required to act in our client's best financial interest. We strive to build our reputation upon integrity, service, and results.

The J.W. Burns & Company way:
Wisdom. Judgment. Experience.